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Rules & Regulations

Causes of disqualification:
Any instance of violation of the following rules will result in immediate disqualification from the event for the entire team.

Only 1 vehicle is allowed per team so be sure to have a vehicle adequate to your team size. No vehicle longer than 20 feet in length will be permitted thus excluding Buses, Trailers and Motor Homes. No towing of any kind will be permitted along the course. Teams are encouraged to use Mini-Vans or SUV’s. This event allows (1) vehicle per team. Should your vehicle appear to have too few team members in the vehicle as you enter a transition area the Transition Area Captain will confirm that you indeed only have (1) vehicle. Many of our Transitions are small and failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate disqualification. Also please see Spectators rules.

We are thrilled to engage spectators at our event, however many of our transition areas are simply too small for extra vehicles. Spectators will not be permitted to enter the following transition areas: #5 Waitsfield Elementary School, #6 Wadham’s Horse Farm, #7 Picnic Area, #10 Rochester Elementary School, #11 Ted Green Ford, and #12 Clear River Inn. Spectators are welcome to find appropriate and safe parking areas along the way to stop and cheer from as long as the normal flow of traffic and runners is not impeded.

Runner Shadowing:
Vehicles are not allowed to shadow runners on the course and should proceed to the next transition area. Event participants may not interrupt the normal flow of traffic throughout the communities we pass through. Teams may provide food and drink to their teammates but must do so without interrupting traffic or other event participants (use parking lots and the like rather than the side of the road please). Teams must use appropriate and safe parking areas. Your vehicle must be pulled into a parking area that will safely allow a steady flow of traffic to continue on Rte 100 as well as allow runners to safely continue their course.

Running on the Designated Side of the Road:
Based on traffic patterns, blind curves and Transition Area locations, we will be selecting the side of the road you run on. Participants should always run on the same side of the road that 100 on 100 signs are posted. We cannot have runners on both sides of the road for safety reasons. Signs will mark the course and the course descriptions highlight the side of the road to run on. Many of the towns, which allow us to use their roads, have cited runners on both sides of the road as a safety concern. Future permission to run the event is contingent upon you abiding by this rule.

Reflective vests and flashlights:
Each team is required to show (2) reflective vests, (2) Flashlights and (2) rear flashing lights at event registration prior to receiving the race packets (Illuminating/flashing vests may serve as both vest and rear flashing light). 30 minutes before dusk all runners will be required to have on a reflective vest, front light flashlight, and rear flasher light. Teams will not be allowed to leave the transition area they are at if these items are not on the runner at dusk. The transition area captain can refuse any team from continuing if this rule is not followed.

Public/Private Property damage:
In order to hold this event the towns, business and homes along the route must be respected. This event is largely considered a pack in pack out event for all normal trash. Restrooms will be provided along the course and any public littering, urination or defecation on private property will result in immediate disqualification. If a business along the route has offered their trash cans as normal trash receptacles then participants may take advantage of that offering.

People should feel free to have a good time during this event, it is meant to bring us together in positive ways. Please be conscious of your noise level when traveling through residential areas or during the evening hours.

We all love pets but we love for them to stay at home during the event. No pet of any kind will be permitted to participate in any leg of the race. Pets really need to be left behind to avoid not only race complications, but also transition area complications. This includes no pets in the race vehicles. Any vehicle with a pet will be asked to leave the course.

Bicycles/Rollerblades etc:
Bicycles and rollerblades are not permitted on the course. No mechanism of their sort will be permitted.

Runner Navigation and Dropouts:
Although signs and volunteers will be strategically positioned to keep runners on the course, teams should aid the guidance of their runners with information regarding the leg. In the event that a runner goes off course the team is allowed to drive the runner back to the section of course where they went the wrong direction. Once back to the point of error, the runner must continue the leg as intended.

Should a runner drop out due to injury they will be considered done for the remainder of the event and may not run an additional leg later in the course. Team rotation will be monitored and enforced based on the runner position bib number. If a runner does drop out due to injury the team must continue on in their current rotation for the remainder of the event. The runner sequence may not be shuffled.

All Vermont open container and drug laws apply to this event and violation might result in arrest and disqualification.

One-earpiece headphones are the only acceptable method of headphones for runners on the course. Any headphone that blocks the participant’s ability to hear traffic or directives from course staff may result in disqualification for the entire team. Please no cell phones while running, we ask that you wait until the transition area to use these devices. The majority of races are banning iPod’s/Walkmans, and the future use of these devices in this event depends upon you.

Outstretching the Support Infrastructure:
If your team is significantly outstretching our support teams due to a mis-representation of your 5-mile pace during registration your team may be held at a transition area until our infrastructure can be established. This is done to provide safety to the runners so we appreciate your cooperation. This infraction might result in a 3-hour time penalty for your team.

Falling behind the Support Infrastructure:
If your team is significantly falling behind our support teams due to a mis-representation of your 5-mile pace during registration your team may be moved ahead to a transition of our selection. This is done to provide safety to the runners so we appreciate your cooperation. Your teams actual event completion time will then be calculated based upon time performance to that part of the race. If your team is asked to skip ahead we do require that you stop in at each of the transition areas that you are skipping and inform the volunteer check-in team that you are skipping the transition.

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