Team listing

The following is a list of teams registered to run in the 100 on 100 Relay Race and the start time for each team.

All Start times are subject to slight alterations as we are awaiting full member registration from some teams.

Be sure to register your team today!

NameCategoryRunnersStates RepresentedStart TimeExpected FinishActual FinishPhoto/Description
12 Cheeks to the WindOpen6VT CA NJ 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
6 Pairs of Twisted LacesMasters Open6NY NM VT IL 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
6 Reasons to leave you boyfriendMen6MA NY 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
A Dozen Legs on the LamMasters Open6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Adimab1Open6NH 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Adimab2Open6NH NE VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
ADK PORT-A-PARTYWomen6NY 07:00AM09:21PMTBDWe potty like rock stars!
Another Kind of HurricaneSuper Masters Open6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Apple Pie Promised Us Ben & Jerry'sOpen6CT NJ NY MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Are We There Yet?Open5VT NJ 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Baby Ducks Have It DownUltra Open3CT ME TX 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Back To The Cody'sOpen6CA ME VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Beantown Bootcamp Legends ReturnMasters Open6MA PA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Beantown Bootcamp Team Cut-Throat Open6MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Beer Makes Us BetterOpen6NH 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Beer RunMasters Open3VT 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Betty WannabesWomen6MA 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Big LoveOpen6VT MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Blackbird Wellness- Team YangOpen6VT VE NM 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Blackbird Wellness- Team YinOpen6VT RI 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Blistered SistersWomen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Body By...Masters Open6MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBDRound 2 for this Body by team. 66% of these bodies will be fueled by bacon again. Thoughts of Whistle pig and peanut M&Ms at the finish lured us back. Maybe we are as crazy as our kids ? Hoping for a strong performance and cool conditions in 2015.
BrewskisOpen6MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
BTBC Team GOpen6MA NH 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Cabot Legacy RunnersOpen6VT MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Cabot Team LegenDAIRYOpen6VT ME 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Candy and the CanesSuper Masters Open6VT VE 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Carbon CruisersOpen5VT VE 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
CentipedsOpen6VT VE 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Creative Team NameMasters Open6MA NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Cuz We CanWomen6NH VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Darien MiddiesMen6CT CO 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Dealer.RUNOpen6VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Dirt Road DivasWomen6VT MD 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Drinkers with a Running ProblemOpen6NH 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
E.A.T.T. (Epic All The Time)Open6NH MA MD 08:00AM09:32PMTBDWe have a tendency to run long distances to justify eating like the fat kid we really are.
F'n Wally and the SurvivorsMasters Open6CT 07:00AM09:21PMTBDWe are old,
We are tough,
We are friends,
We are Survivors !!
FlastardeaksMasters Open6MA NJ 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
FloaterOpen1VE 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Four of a KindOpen5MA NC 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Fun VanWomen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
GaleneersOpen6VT MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Ghetto GurlzWomen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Girl's Night OutWomen6CT ME MA 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Girls Gone Runnin\'Women6VT MA NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Girls Just Wanna Go RunOpen6VT ME 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Green Mountain GoddessesWomen6VT 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Guttah BallsOpen6MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Herd of Turtles Women6NY VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Hog LegUltra Open2VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Holy Cowbells-Jeezum CrowOpen6VT VE 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Home for DinnerMasters Open6MA 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Honey BadgersOpen6PA DE 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Hot for TeacherOpen6VT VE 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Hot MamasWomen6VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Hot to TrottersOpen6NY VT MA NE 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
InitechMasters Open6MA VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
IPA Highway Ultra TeamUltra Open3NH NY 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
IR RunningOpen6VT NH NJ 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
J'adore HardcoreMasters Open4NY VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Jackie TreehornSuper Masters Open6NH NE 09:15AM08:46PMTBDRefill?
Jamaica Plain Pavement JunkiesMasters Open6MA 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Jersey SureMen6VT NJ 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Jimmy and the LadiesOpen6MA VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Joy of RunningOpen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Just One Of The GirlsOpen6VT MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Kaczmarek KrewMen6CT 10:15AM08:07PMTBD
KingPinsSuper Masters Open6NY NE NH ST 09:15AM08:46PMTBD?That rug really tied the room together.? ? Walter Sobchak
Live Long and PerspireMen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Lucky CharmsMasters Open6CT MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Lucky Charms TooMasters Open6CT NJ MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Makin' the CutOpen6MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Maple MavensWomen6VT 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Milton CatOpen6VT NY 05:45AM09:00PMTBDTeam Diesel
"Rollin Coal"
Mimosa MamasWomen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Mothers Truckin'Women6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Mountain MamasWomen6VT VE 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Nap Between LegsOpen6MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
never give up everOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
New York TridentsOpen6NY NJ 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
No IdeaOpen6MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
OkemotionOpen6CO MA VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Old GoatsMasters Open6NY WA VT DC 10:15AM08:07PMTBD
OOL no OOLOpen5VT NH VA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Oompa-LoompasSuper Masters Open6VT MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Pace MakersOpen6NY IN NC MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBDWe are a team of 6 runners in our mid-20s (despite the misleading moniker) excited to run our first relay together! We hail from NC, NY, IN, and MA. We love peace and making things!
Pack of WombatsWomen6VE VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Pain Train - DieselMasters Open6MA PA NJ 10:15AM08:07PMTBD
Pain Train - SteamSuper Masters Open6MO PA NJ CT 10:15AM08:07PMTBD
Parks & WrecksOpen6MA ON 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Phat AngelsSuper Masters Open6VT TX 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Pink Elephant RacingOpen6VT NY MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Premature AccelerationMen6VT NY 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Pro & The BanditsMen6NY MA VT IL 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Really, I feel great!Ultra Open3VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Rez DawgsMasters Open6MA CT 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Rock and a TreeMasters Open6MA NY 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Rubber SolesSuper Masters Open6MA CA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Run All The Things!Women6NH 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Run From the HillsOpen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Run Like the WINDedWomen6ME MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Runners Against HumanityOpen6VT NM 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Running CommentaryMasters Open6NH VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Running to Stand StillMen5VT 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Saturday Morning GeezersSuper Masters Open6VT WY VE 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Schrodinger's RunnersMen6VT NE 06:30AM09:16PMTBDWe can be considered both alive and dead until you open the van!
Scrambled Legs and Achin'Open6VT PA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Sea DonkeysMen6FL MA VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Seacoast KenyansOpen6NH 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Shaken Not StirredMen6CT MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Six Fast ChicksWomen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Smokin' SistahsWomen6NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Snot RocketsSuper Masters Open6NH MA VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBDSix people out to have one hell of a good time.
Sole BlistersOpen6VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Sole Sisters 2Women6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Sole Sisters IWomen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Sole SiXtersWomen6VT 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
SQRR Incredibly Fast FishesMasters Open6MA NH 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
SQRR Thank Cod We Made It!Masters Open6MA 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Stick FiguresOpen6NH 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Super FriendsMasters Open6VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Swamp DonkeysOpen6VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Sweaty BettysWomen6VT VE 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Sweet SundaysWomen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
TBDOpen6MA VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Team Chocolate MileOpen6VT NY MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Team Slow LorisMasters Open6MA VT NH 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Team StoopidUltra Open3NH MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Team Taps TavernOpen6VT MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Team Tasty KakeMasters Open6VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBDRaised in the Andean highlands, team Tastykake grew up not knowing the word quit, which was sad because one of them was an English teacher and quit is only a 4 letter word without a difficult concept behind it.
Team TomTomMasters Open6VT NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Team UltraUltra Open3VT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Terrible TurtlesSuper Masters Open6VT VE 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
The B-17ersOpen6MA MT 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
The BrattPackMasters Open6VT NH 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
The Fat and the FuriousOpen6MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
The PacemakersOpen6VT NY VI 06:30AM09:16PMTBDWe are a team of health care providers from Southern Vermont who are going to set the pace for this race !!
The Real Eggs and VaselineSuper Masters Open6CT 06:30AM09:16PMTBDa bunch of fat, slow, old guys. Well, we have 3 skinny guys and 3 fat guys.
The REAL Kaczmarek KrewMen6CT 10:15AM08:07PMTBD
The Salt in Our CarsOpen6NY 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
The Sap TappersOpen6NH 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
The Twisted SistersWomen6VT NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
The U-TurnersOpen6VT MA CT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
The WaveMen6PA PE 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
The WooUltra Open3VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
The-X-FactorWomen5VT 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Three Penny Brew CrewWomen6VT NH 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Tough Old Birds and One Lucky RoosterSuper Masters Open6VT NY 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Tread LightlyOpen6VT NY MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
True North Wilderness TeamOpen6VT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Tup's Six PackMasters Open6NH CT NY 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Twisted BlistersWomen6RH VT NH CT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Ultra SlugsUltra Open3CT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
UVRC - Team FTCOpen6VT NH 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
UVRC Wooly Syrup ChuggersSuper Masters Open6NH VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
UVRrrrC River PiratesOpen7NH VT VE 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Victorious SecretOpen6MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Wandering WolverineMasters Open6NH TX NE 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
WannabeesOpen6MA RI 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
We got 99 problems and this run ain't one !Open5VT MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
We Like Our Cans ColdWomen6NY VT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
We think in PinkWomen6VT PA NY MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
weeklingsMasters Open6VT NH NE 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Wild Colonial Running ClubMasters Open6RI RH 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Wolf PackMasters Open6VT MA 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Women Running MildWomen6NH NE MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Worst Pace ScenarioOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Your Pace or MineMasters Open6MA NJ 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
ZombeaversOpen6MI MA 07:30AM09:27PMTBD

Team count: 173
Runner count: 997

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