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Night Before
(Friday, August 14):

This race will feature a sunrise start for some teams based upon estimated team race pace. Other teams will start throughout the early morning hours. With this in mind we strongly suggest that your entire team stays at or near the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe VT, who is graciously serving as the start of the race. Trapp offers top notch service in their 96 Hotel rooms. In the event these are full, we recommend you contact GoStowe who serves as the central booking agents for all of Stowe. These services are free of charge and staff phone representatives are available to help assist you in finding the right location for your team. Be sure to mention that you are coming to town for the 100on100 Relay.


Race Night
(Saturday, August 15):
Call 1-866-706-5366 for reservations

Congratulations you’ve just completed the 100 on 100 Relay! You’re team will most likely finish between 7:30PM and 11:00PM. With this in mind we strongly suggest that all participants relax and enjoy the lodging facilities at Okemo Mountain,who is graciously serving as the finish line of the race. Be sure to use the code race2015 when you book your reservation here to receive exclusive lodging rates. For the best value we encourage you to request a condo that can hold your entire team!

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