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Runner #1
Description: This running experience is for the adventurous athlete on the team seeking variety. A little trail running starts you off (consider bringing a second pair of shoes in case of mud) and you'll be thankful for such an easy and scenic first leg. While the first leg is short and easy, the next two are complete opposites. Your second leg starts on top of a hill and descends the valley into the quaint town of Warren. You'll feel like you are in a Norman Rockwell painting as your jaunt through this sleepy village includes a run through a covered bridge. Ok, so your first leg was easy and in the woods, your second had a lot of downhill and some Vermont charm, your third must be, gulp, uphill. The third leg is a bugger as it is just a steady climb.

Leg #1
Distance: 2.5
Desctiption: The runner lucky enough to start the race for their team immediately encounters the densely wooded trails of the Trapp Family Lodge. This 2.5 mile loop provides the excitement of the start and the quiet of the woods, only to return to the buzzing crowds circling the start line and the first transition.
Rating: Green Circle

Leg #7
Distance: 6.6
Desctiption: This leg leaves the Horse Farm and continues with the sweeping views of Sugarbush ski area. The course dips downward into the start of a heavily forsested section of the course. Runners turn left onto Main St in the town of Warren and then turn right onto a covered bridge at the far end of downtown as cars take an alternate route. As runners rejoin Rte 100 they continue along the left side of the road until they receive crossing guard assistance near the transition. The transition is on the right at a large picnic area.
Rating: Black Diamond

Leg #13
Distance: 6.7
Desctiption: This leg returns us from pastureland to the mountains, begging the question "What terrain is truly the Heart of Vermont: Mountain or Field?". This third leg is a bugger as it is just a steady climb.
Rating: Double Black Diamond

Runner #2
Description: This running experience is for the ZEN master of the group, and one of your two strongest runners. A calm and focused determination guides this team member as they get lost in contemplation along all three of their runs. The first leg drops from the Trapp Family Lodge down a protected dirt road complete with views and cows. Once on the pavement the serenity continues along the riverside until you reach Rte 100 and finish off your first run. Staying in that ZEN spirit will not be hard as your second leg through the Granville Gulf Reservation is perhaps the most scenic of the entire course. Your calm determination will help you carry the distance as you close out your second leg. The third leg requires a continuation of the positive vibe and meditative breathing as the entrance to Killington Ski Area is wrought with hills and not just those little ones either!

Leg #2
Distance: 6.4
Desctiption: The energy will be peaking as the first runners hand off to the second runner amidst all the crowds at the first visible transition area. Runners turn right and descend the dirt road, so be sure to look around at the views and the cows. The dirt road reaches pavement at the bottom of the hill and turns left onto Moscow Rd. Stay on Moscow road until the junction with Rte 100 where you'll receive crossing guard assistance to cross the road and turn right. The transition is ahead at the Hunger Mtn Church.
Rating: Black Diamond

Leg #8
Distance: 8.3
Desctiption: Any runner strong enough to carry the distance will not be disappointed. The Breadloaf Wilderness provides mainly flat terrain amongst dense forest that provides a cooling shade along the leg. Runners are treated to raging waterfalls that provide a refreshing mist. Argueably the most scenic and spirtual leg of the race.
Rating: Double Black Diamond

Leg #14
Distance: 4.0
Desctiption: This leg leaves Killington Ski and Sport and climbs up and up until the last 2/10 of a mile. There are many restaurants along this stretch and a few areas where the hill levels out to provide a breather to the runners. The leg transitions at the Ramshead Lodge on the right.
Rating: Double Black Diamond

Runner #3
Description: This running experience is for the extravert who likes to keep their mind busy so the body forgets what it is doing. All three of your legs have some component of bustling towns or villages to look at. The first leg provides the shops and tourist landmarks of Stowe and Waterbury, where there will be much to see and many people to wave to (we know how you extraverts are). Your second leg comes after a long contemplative run by your teammate and brings you back into civilization through the towns of Granville and Hancock. Although stores and people don't line the route (remember this is still Vermont - We don't have that many stores) you won't feel alone as you pop in and out of these towns enroute to your finish. The third leg on your journey starts from the Ramshead Lodge of Killington Ski Area, which is always busy with summer events. The third leg is a serious downhill. You'll be glad that your mind is busy so you can't focus on your throbbing quads.

Leg #3
Distance: 7.0
Desctiption: This run starts with views of the Green Mountains, rolls along Rte 100 with shops, Inns and tourist landmarks. Shortly after passing Ben and Jerry's and the Thatcher Brook Inn, you will roll down the hill and turn left onto residential Stowe Street. At the end of Stowe St, turn left onto Rte 100 again and enter historic downtown Waterbury. Travel along the sidewalk on the left and then use crossing guard assistance as you turn right onto Rte 100. You'll now climb the last hill to Crossett Brook School.
Rating: Black Diamond

Leg #9
Distance: 3.5
Desctiption: The forest is left behind and the full pasturelands of the Green Mountains begin. This leg is mainly flat and transitions at Verde Antiques in the quiet town of Hancock.
Rating: Green Circle

Leg #15
Distance: 4.5
Desctiption: Runners accept the handoff at the underground tunnel and follow the signs back up the hill where they turn right onto East Mountain Road. This road has a number of switchbacks and is seriously downhill, with just a few uphills mixed in for fun. Watch out quads!
Rating: Double Black Diamond

Runner #4
Description: This running experience is for the steady and trustworthy teammate seeking consistency. Not only do all three of these legs cover terrain that is similar in nature (minus the hill of your first leg) they are all of middle distance. The first leg is a challenge as it ascends a tough hill and finishes with a downhill stretch. The second leg is uncharacteristically flat for Vermont and your consistent steady strides will make the time fly by as you enjoy the scenery. The third leg is also mainly flat and brings you into the Town of Plymouth with that unswerving pace fully in tact.

Leg #4
Distance: 5.5
Desctiption: This leg is one of the tougher legs in the race due to uphill terrain, but runners brave enough are rewarded with a downhill finish.
Rating: Black Diamond

Leg #10
Distance: 4.2
Desctiption: Runners leave the transition and continue along Rte 100 passing more of Vermont's heartland on this mainly flat and easy run. Runners transition at the Rochester Elementary School.
Rating: Blue Square

Leg #16
Distance: 6.2
Desctiption: Teams have plenty of room to stretch their legs at this transition and runners leave this area with a relatively easy run into the town of Plymouth. Be sure to notice that Rte 100 splits from Rte 4, and Rte 100 goes to the right. The transition area is on the right at the Plymouth Town Office and Fire Department.
Rating: Black Diamond

Runner #5
Description: This running experience is for your long distance runner seeking a "Postcard" tour of Vermont terrain. Yes, Vermont is very hilly and unpredictable, but the three legs for this runner aren't either. The first leg is a very flat and enjoyable run of middle distance through beautiful Vermont farm land. This is a "Postcard" run that leaves you smiling and fulfilled, without having to work too hard. The second leg is the longest of the event, but mainly flat, with seemingly endless views. Be sure to stop towards the end of this leg at the river for a cooling dip, you will need it after the distance. The third leg is sure to satisfy with an intermediate distance and a lakeside finish. You'll have seen it all and will be ready for the finish line!

Leg #5
Distance: 5.2
Desctiption: This leg is mainly flat to downhill and relatively easy. A very scenic run that finishes at the Waitsfield Elementary School on the left hand side of the road.
Rating: Blue Square

Leg #11
Distance: 7.3
Desctiption: This leg stays directly on Rte 100 and is mainly flat. The terrain is not difficult, but the distance is long. Runners are rewarded with sweeping views of lush green land. Runners are REQUIRED to run on the right side of the road for safety as there are a number of blinds turns on the left side of the road.
Rating: Double Black Diamond

Leg #17
Distance: 5.0
Desctiption: An easy and flat run takes runners along a beautiful lake, which adds yet another dimension to the Heart of Vermont.
Rating: Blue Square

Runner #6
Description: This running experience is for your team hero. This person will sacrifice early on for their team, but also gets to bring home the glory on the final leg. The first leg for the hero is a beautiful run with incredible views off to the right. This leg is one big hill from start to finish and the length is not short. Those of you willing to lay yourself down for your team will thrive on the challenge of this hill. The second leg won't bog you down with hills, and is in fact virtually flat. Teams will really be clumping together at this stage and pushing yourself harder and faster will be crucial to keeping up with other competitors. The third leg is of middle distance and is the final push for the entire team. You will be carrying the hopes of your team through the winding entrance to Okemo Mountain's Jackson Gore resort. You are the hero, we know you won't let them down.

Leg #6
Distance: 5.8
Desctiption: Runners start flat along Rte 100 and almost immediately turn left onto Bridge Street and traverse the Covered Bridge. East Warren Road then splits to the right just after the bridge, and runners are treated to some of the most scenic views along the course. It wouldn't be the Heart of Vermont without a hill before those sweeping views are seen though. As a tribute to the horse farms in the region we've dubbed a feature on this leg "The Saddle". You'll know when you're there as you'll rapidly drop 300 vertical feet only to climb back up it on the other side. A Vermont race wouldn't be complete without a farm transition and Wadhams Stable Morgan Horse Farm serves as the transition for this leg of the race.
Rating: Double Black Diamond

Leg #12
Distance: 5.3
Desctiption: This leg is flat and fast! Teams are really clumping together at this point so this is the time to make your move and separate from the pack enroute to the Clear River Inn Transition. This is a very enjoyable middle distance flat run jaunting through the growing town of Pittsfield.
Rating: Blue Square

Leg #18
Distance: 4.8
Desctiption: This is the leg you've been waiting for. Beginning along the shores of Echo lake and heading directly to the mountain-side finish. The leg is mainly flat and excitement levels will make this leg fast. Runners continue on Rte 100 until the intersection of Rte 103, where they receive crossing guard assistance as they turn right onto Rte 103 and cross to the left side of the road. Runners turn left into Okemo's Jackson Gore resort and parade along the dramatic finish at Okemo Mountain.
Rating: Blue Square

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